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Did You Know?

A little girl holds a model ION LRT vehicle.











Over the next 20 years, the Province of Ontario expects 200,000 new residents to move to Waterloo Region.
ION will help move these new residents in and around the region.


ION will travel in its own rapidway. ION vehicles will be separated from car traffic and benefit from traffic signal priority.


ION will run approximately every eight minutes during rush hour and approximately every 10-15 minutes the rest of the day.
The service will run between 5 a.m. and 1 a.m., similar to Grand River Transit (GRT).


Along with GRT, ION will create an easy-to-use public transit system for all residents in Waterloo Region. New crosstown iXpress routes will link to ION and increased local buses will frequently serve neighbourhoods. There will be one fare for all GRT and ION services so residents can easily transfer between bus and rail services at no additional cost.


By opening day in 2018, more than 36,000 people will live within 600 metres of an ION stop and 64,000 people will work within the same area.


The 2011 decision by Council to implement Light Rail Transit (LRT) was made following six years of technical studies and an extensive public consultation process.


Without ION, the Region would need to build 500 new lane kilometres of roads over the next 20 years. These new roads are the equivalent of 25 Hespeler Roads and would cost $1.4 billion. Regional taxpayers would be responsible for 100 per cent of these road costs.


Most ION stops are located within close walking distance to the region’s network of multi-use trails. Since 2006, cycling facilities on Regional roads have nearly doubled from 149 kilometres to 289 kilometres. Region-wide, the goal is to increase walking and cycling during peak hours from 7.8% in 2006 to 12% in 2031. ION will help make this possible through improved connections.


Ridership on iXpress and Route 7 that travel between the transit terminals at Conestoga Mall and Fairview Park Mall is at 20,000 rides per day. This is quickly closing in on the 2017 ION daily ridership target of 25,000 rides per day.


ION is already inspiring new residential and business investments. Construction can already be seen along the ION corridor with new developments selling out fast. The ION corridor is attracting talent, new business and growth.



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